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September 30, 2013:
HCG is bigger than ever, advertised on the radio, and has become part of the national debate on weight loss.


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Can HCG Help You Lose Weight? Is HCG Safe

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HCG is a powerful hormone associated with pregnancy. Popularized by Kevin Trudeau and others as a way of losing weight, it is also used as a fertility treatment. If you do get a prescription for HCG from a doctor, you should tell other medical professionals in your life that you are taking it, since it also serves as a marker for certain cancers, and may create a false positive on a pregnancy test. There are also other drugs which may interact negatively with hcg shots, so you should always consult with your doctor and let them know all the prescriptions and supplements you are getting. As a hormone, HCG stimulates the production of eggs in a woman's ovaries and is often used for their collection for IVF and surrogate parenting. In men, it will cause or maintain the production of testosterone and according to its proponents it also stimulates the hypothalamus to cause loss of fat tissues. Because HCG stimulates egg production within one to two days of injection, women may need to know that they are more fertile after shots are given and take the approprate precautions, or avoid the appropriate precautions if they are looking to have a baby.

HCG ShotVery Special Note: The FDA does not recommend using HCG for Weight Loss or for the treatment of obesity. Thjis site is for informational purposes only, and does not advocate hcg shots for weight loss, fertility, or any other course of action which may be unsafe. We hope to help people make responsible decisions about the HCG diet. There are anecdotal claims that hcg is a fat burner, but common sense would tell us that you should try non-drug weight loss methods first. My own personal interest in HCG comes from a Christmas party where I talked to a woman who clearly had lost a good deal of weight. She spoke about HCG for over a half hour, and even though I had never heard of it before, it seemed to me that her passion for the injections and the diet had a genuine effect on her size and her sense of well being. This led me to research the topic further. I am not a doctor and can't recomment HCG usage, but as a personal anecdote I can see why it is a popular supplement among the naturopathic doctors and their patients.

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Special note: Nothing on this site should be considered medical advice. We are not a pharmacy and do not dispense or sellHCG, nor do we represent or endorse any online sellers of vitamin b6, vitamin b12, or any other injectables. Always ask a licensed professional for the best information, especially if you're going to need to inject others. Fans of Dr. Oz have seen him feature HCG on his show not once but twice, with the usual warnings about how the diet could affect people.